Can You Still Live from Your Blog in 2022?

You were locked in a small parisian apartment. Doing zoom meetings in your shirt and pajama pants, while watching your children who couldn’t go to school. Out of the corner of your eye. Web marketing DW Leads training and, like many french people, you asked yourself: is this what i really want? The idea made its way, until you arrived at the start of a project: setting up a blog. You too want to sip cocktails on the beach in bali and live the 4 hour week. It’s nice isn’t it? You rush. To talk to your best friend (google) and are flabbergasted: blogging is dead. At least that’s what a lot of articles (…other blogs!) say online. Thin. You are too late. Although? We will see. While you were.

What Is the Relationship Between E-Learning and a Blog?

Zooming in your pajamas. Others (students for example) have taken up a new habit: training at home. From a more global point of view, e-learning has grown enormously. It was already a active phone number list booming sector: since 2000. The size of the e-learning industry has multiplied by… 9! Just that #1. In 2020, it weighed nearly 200 billion. Dollars worldwide. And in 2025, it is expected to reach almost 320 billion dollars . And the report from. Which these figures are taken dates from february 2020, so before the arrival of the covid and before. We realize the impact it will have. It is enormous.

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What You Need to Do Now

But if you’re like me, 200 or 320 billion dollars doesn’t mean. Much to you. Let’s compare. In 2020, e-learning therefore represented 200 billion dollars. In the same year, it was “only” 23.1 billion for the music industry . And in 2019, the cinema industry (netflix, dvd, blue-ray included) represented 101 billion (we are not going to take the figures for 2020 which are catastrophic and not representative because the rooms were closed). You read correctly. E-learning is an industry 8 times bigger than music, and 2 times bigger than cinema. Just that. The business school graduate that i am draws a conclusion from these figures: it is essential to position oneself in an industry that is experiencing strong growth and which.

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