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For example, I would call out different people’s names as I explain JavaScript functions, “Hey {name}, are you sure you got it?”. I mean, you can’t do that in a BootCamp where you have 100 people. What does the future of your project look like? Can others contribute to it too? Well, I hope to finish this round in a few weeks and hopefully by the end of the Canada Phone Number year start another round. Looking at the challenges of a physical meeting, we might be considering switching to online learning platforms like Zoom. Canada Phone Number What I would love to see in the future, as our number increases are more volunteer developers joining me to teach more people. What would you love to work on next?

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I would like to work on the same thing by the end of the year. I am looking at getting all of my students Udemy or Codecademy Pro accounts which they can consult at their leisure. Canada Phone Number Has to work on this project helped your personal development? Yes, sure. Teaching people to Canada Phone Number code makes you a better Developer. I learnt a few things in the process of teaching my students. Do you have any advice for others who want to work on a project like this? Go for it! In Nigeria, Africa and in fact all over the world, tech is an instrument of socio-economic change.

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That we need so much in Africa today, it is more people with more knowledge of software development. Canada Phone Number Tech is the equalizer. Is there anything else you’d like to share about your project? These photos: Keep up the good work everyone! It’s wonderful to Canada Phone Number see all the amazing work our Yoast Diversity fund recipients have been doing! They’ve achieved so much, creating a deep and valuable impact on the WordPress community. We hope these projects will continue to grow and reach even more people. If you haven’t already read about the projects from Milana Cap.

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