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Content Will Still Be King This one might be hard to measure, but we truly believe that the importance of content will remain as strong as ever in 2022. It always seems like the focus on content is going to wane, as if some new and shiny tactic is going to pop up to replace it. But the fact is, content is everything. All the new strategies and tactics that pop up are just different forms of content (TikTok and short video content, for example). The demand for digestible content keeps growing. In a world increasingly digitized by the prolonged pandemic and the emergence of the metaverse, the content will remain king for marketers and businesses in 2022.

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The Concept of the “Metaverse” Will Go Mainstream Speaking of the metaverse. You can poke fun at Facebook’s rebrand to “Meta” all you want, but there’s no doubt it’s a harbinger of things to come. The concept of a metaverse—essentially a digital universe—burst onto the scene in 2021 (thanks in part to the explosion of NFTs) and will soon make its Ghana Phone Number List entrance to the business world. Generally, the earliest adopters of new (and sometimes confusing) technology are the biggest winners, and we believe that will be true of businesses and companies who find a way to make the metaverse concept work for them in 2022.

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Experiences Might Be Part of Marketing Strategies Again We’re going out on a limb here because this one is entirely dependent on how the global pandemic plays out in 2022, but we’re going to take the optimistic DW Leads approach. We hope the world is a better and more open place in 2022, and in that scenario, experiential marketing might just make a big comeback. There’s no denying that it’s fun to immerse yourself in a product, service or brand before you buy it.

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