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Understand which strategies have the most significant impact on your customers and potential consumers. Make better investment decisions in your marketing budget. Achieve your business goals by tracking what works and what does not. Avoid Pitfall: Running on All Broad Match Keywords A default match type, broad match keywords. Can be used to display your ads if a user searches for a keyword. Its variations, and searches related to it. For example, if your broad match keyword is ‘woman’s hat. Your ad will also be shown to people searching for hats, women’s accessories or women’s caps. However, it is not recommended to use only broad match keywords.

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The beauty of using paid searches and researched. Keywords is that you can specifically target your customer and meet their needs. However, if you only use broad match keywords, you may be in the danger of grouping multiple users – even those uninterested in your product or services. Avoid Pitfall: Focusing on Activities, Not Outcomes Your marketing Estonia Phone Number List campaign must focus on outcomes instead of the activities that get you there. Activities, also known as outputs, are the avenues and actions you take to reach customers. Outcomes, on the other hand, are the results of the said activities. Businesses measuring the time and effort put in activities only get half a picture as this does not necessarily guarantee marketing effectiveness or progress.

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However, measuring outcomes can determine how effective your activities are, which is a more tangible determinant of the success of your marketing campaign. Avoid Pitfall: Not Calculating the Conversion Rate DW Leads Required Simply put, your conversion rate identifies how effective your marketing campaign is. It shows if you are ‘converting’ users, i.e. making them do what you want them to. The most common types of conversions are buying your product, filling out a form, contacting your business, signing up, subscribing and many more.

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