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A WMA Seaward is the premier award recognition program for web developers and advertising agencies. WSI – and particularly Gabor Markus and his team in Switzerland – are thrilled to be recognized. The Website Game plan When Dr Ali Modarres approached WSI to rebuild the clinic’s digital presence from scratch. It signaled the beginning of an interesting journey for the team. The main mission of the practice is to provide surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments. The client wanted to help patients in their choice in a transparent and clear manner on the internet.

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They wanted a sound base of digital marketing strategy. Our offer included: Identifying the target user Structuring the information architecture Feedback on content (text and visuals) Building an excellent website Maintaining and optimizing the website Website Challenges However, the biggest challenge of this project was that the client operates in the medical Kuwait Mobile Number List industry, an industry that is governed by strict government regulations that have to be considered at all points of project delivery. The WSI team overcame these challenges very successfully.

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When the new website was launched, the client immediately saw the rewards. Within the 6 months of the new website going live, half a dozen appointments have been recorded without any traffic acquisition activities. The Client’s Reaction to the Website A very satisfied Dr Ali Modarres’s has no hesitation in commending WSI for its excellent work. “One of the most important points in my installation in private practice was the creation of my website. Knowing Gabor’s skills in this field, I asked his team DW Leads at WSI to accompany me on this adventure. For me, it is important that the patients are informed in a complete, comprehensible, and correct way before any decision is made. So I wanted my website to help patients in their choice by complementing my medical consultations.

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