Creativity and Street Art: What Is Street Marketing?

Companies have already begun to realize that it. Is not usually enough to wait for the consumer to come and sell your product or service. The high degree. Of competitiveness has given rise, as DW Leads we have been commenting in previous posts, to the need to. Look for new techniques and innovative ways that stand out from the competition and manage to capture. A greater number of clients. One of these new trends is street marketing . Do you know what street marketing is? It is a set of promotions, communication actions and advertising campaigns that are carried out in. The urban environment through techniques not controlled by media companies. The main objective of these. Is to generate a greater impact on the consumer and achieve a more direct approach.

How Street Marketing Works

How street marketing works in this area. Creativity and innovation is the factor that can determine the success or failure of a campaign. Making a difference and directly affecting its effectiveness. It is a direct contact with the consumer. That can become one of the best alternatives to phone numbers in spain stand out and incline them towards your brand and your products. The surprise factor and originality are fundamental since the capacity for attention and amazement. That reaches the consumer will be directly proportional to the memory that the campaign. Leaves in their mind. Although the first thing that comes to mind when we hear about street marketing is the use of large.

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How to Run a Campaign

Billboards and infrastructures to impact the consumer, the truth is that the investment of large resources is not necessary, but rather the determining factor will be the degree of creativity . Of the campaign . We have a clear example in the video below. It shows a street marketing campaign carried out by the association of alzheimer’s patients (afal), the “give memory” campaign , with the intention of raising public awareness about the effects of this disease on people who suffer from it: how to run a campaign seeing a small sketch of the campaign is more than enough to realize the great impact it has generated without the need to invest large amounts. But, what are the key steps for a successful street marketing campaign?

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