Cruelty Free, the Value That Fashion Lovers Demand from Their Favorite Brands

The demand for products with ethical attributes has increased. Throughout the world. It is the beginning of a new stage with consumers more concerned about. A series of values, such as respect for the environment or animals. We can speak of a responsible consumer. In their purchasing process, aware of their role in society and the consequences of their habits. The DW Leads cruelty free seal is a differentiating value corporate social responsibility policies are becoming more and. More important for companies. Sustainability and transparency are the characteristics that have. Been setting the course in corporate social responsibility in recent years and the company must respond.

The Three Seals That Certify Animal Cruelty-Free Brands

To this change in consumer mentality . For example, incorporating sustainable attributes into your. Products and services is also a strategy to improve your value proposition . Brands are making efforts to. Change their testing methods and are taking advantage of the Jordan number list cruelty free movement as a differentiating hallmark. A company can be considered “cruelty free” when none of its products and the ingredients that compose. Them are tested on animals in any of their phases. No cosmetics tested on animals or with ingredients. Tested on them can be put on the market in europe most of the animals used for any type of animal experimentation usually die because of them and those that survive are usually reused for new research.

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How to Identify a Cruelty Free Product?

Inesem business school master in cosmetics and dermopharmacy more information thanks to the development of science, new methods have emerged to carry out the tests and more and more brands are betting on it. In fact, since 2013, european regulations prohibit putting any product that has been tested on animals on the market . Therefore, all cosmetics currently marketed nationally should be cruelty-free. China continues to force testing on animals the issue lies in those countries where the same regulation does not exist, as is the case in china, which still continues to force brands that sell their products there to use the animal testing method.

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