Cultural Marketing as a Management Tool in the Performing Arts

With the explosion of social networks and. The development of new technologies (crm, email, websites…) there are more possibilities to reach the consumer. Public of cultural and artistic services. Some DW Leads cultural institutions have rejected marketing as an enemy. Of art and an exclusive mercantilist instrument for other types of organizations. However, keep in mind that. With marketing you get: value the performing arts through a suitable management, organization and. Dissemination system. Create an interactive relationship system with the public and provide the use of. Appropriate technological instruments to generate a good impact. François colbert has developed. A cultural marketing model and defines it as follows: ‘ it is the art of reaching those market segments interested.

Export and Community Fundamentals

In the product-price-distribution and promotion in order to put the product in contact with a sufficient number. Of consumers and thus achieve the objectives in accordance with the mission of the cultural organization. ‘ in the management of the performing arts (theatre, dance and music) the raw material is one hundred percent social. The objective is to get argentina phone number offer a service that is consumed away from home in contact with the show and. Other spectators. Therefore the approach that is adopted for the management of the performing arts is purely. Social/relationship marketing . The stage audience or, what is the same, the public is the most important relationship that the performing arts have.

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Basics to Export Effectively

But in management we not only depend on this type of relationship but also on an enormous number of organizational relationships such as: public and private organizations, theaters or other spaces for cultural consumption, artists, managers, creative producers, other cultural entities, technicians of lights and sound, designers, press, assembly companies, educational centers, etc. Inesem business school master in icc: management of cultural and creative companies + 10 ects credits more information due to the social importance of performing activities and their relational approach, since it focuses on consolidating the relationship with a specific audience by creating a social community, we are going to discuss some strategies for managing audiences in the performing arts sector.

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