Dark Social: the Great Unknown of Community Managers

Currently, the information and data that companies. In conclusion, handle are one of the most relevant factors that. Can differentiate the success or failure of any type of organization. Information must be considered as the most valuable asset in companies and, through key tools. Such as big data , we can obtain essential information from our customers DW Leads and focus our marketing strategies. In a different way. But the big data universe is not perfect; there is always information that escapes. Any advanced market data collection tool. A clear example of unknown information is found in the dark social. The term dark social refers to visits to a web page whose origin we do not know. In other words, it is traffic that.

How Is Dark Social Generated?

Is invisible to data traffic analysts on a website. How is dark social generated? Although the traffic of. Visits is increasingly controlled, every website has visits from unknown sources. The phone number lists for sale main cause comes from. The users themselves , since they share content in ways that are difficult to measure through traditional analysis methods. An example of the generation of social dark can be found in the emails that some users. Send to others whose content is a simple web link to a specific page. Other examples that are in the same. Situation are the sending of links through mobile applications or text messages from one mobile. To another.

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We Must Mitigate the Effects of Invisible Compartments

As there is no data transmission, the measurement of said traffic is a practically impossible task. The traffic generated through these sources may vary depending on the sector and the user profile, but, in general terms, dark social can even exceed 60% of the traffic of certain more general websites. In conclusion, inesem business school master in community management and digital strategies more information sometimes even 80% of the content is shared by copying and pasting the web link in an email, social network, mobile message or chat, while only 20% is shared with the social buttons enabled for this purpose. What consequences does dark social have on traffic measurement?

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