Data Driven Marketing: the Future in Decision Making

Do we make strategic decisions by intuition. Or do we rely on data to be able to implement a strategy in our company? It is this dilemma that thousands. Of people face every day when they are going to DW Leads make a decision that affects the company or has an. Impact on their customers. On the one hand there is the intuitive part, which gains weight. With the experience of the manager and the company, and on the other hand we find the data, and its management. Which depends on a professional who knows how to interpret it. What is actually happening, according to a study. By the mit sloan management review and think with google , is that most managers today still make decisions.

Benefits of Data Driven Marketing

Based on their intuition and not on statistical data. Of a sample of 3,200 managers surveyed (mostly dedicated to marketing). 38% make decisions by intuition , while 27% do so based on data driven marketing. In between, 35% of those surveyed answered that they based their Philippines telephone number decisions on a combination. Of intuition and data driven marketing. However, within this latter group, intuition also outperformed data. At 34 % versus 29% using data as a source of decisions. Intuition or data driven at a time. When the importance of data is vital to being able to understand your audience and innovate and boost your business , why do we continue to give priority to intuition? What is data driven marketing and what are its main benefits ?

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Data Driven Marketing in the Key to Comprehensive Transformation

Inesem business school master in innovation management and business processes + 10 ects credits more information what is marketing and how can it help us? marketing , as its english translation indicates, is the data-driven marketing strategy . In other words, it is counting on data analysis and its interpretation to implement strategic decisions based on the information that is collected, internally or externally, from current and potential clients of a company. The aim of this method is to guarantee greater success in the decisions that are made, since they are fully based on data extracted from customers, so they adjust more accurately to the reality of consumer behaviour. This method greatly helps us to achieve the following objectives.

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