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TC Cazy, and Estela Rueda, be sure to Denmark Phone Number check those out too. The diversity mission isn’t over There’s still a lot of important work to be done making WordPress more diverse. Too often we see the same kind of people running the show. Denmark Phone Number while we know there are some people missing from the bigger picture. We’re here to help, but we can’t do it without you! We’ve just opened up applications for the Yoast Diversity fund 2022. In 2022, we move back to our initial purpose.

The Diversity Fund Denmark Phone Number

Focuses on taking away financial barriers that prevent people from underrepresented groups to speak at tech conferences. Denmark Phone Number  We prefer applications for events focusing on WordPress (via a Meetup or WordCamp), TYPO3, PHP, JavaScript, or another Open Source community. You’ve just set up your new online store on Shopify. Denmark Phone Number Or maybe you’ve already been on Shopify for a while. Regardless of how new your Shopify store is, you probably want to attract some more people to your website. A great way to draw people in is by creating content that they’re searching for online. So let’s make that possible and add a blog to your Shopify store!

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Properly set up a blog to help your Shopify SEO. Let’s get started It’s good to know that Shopify actually adds a default blog to Denmark Phone Number every online store on its platform. Denmark Phone Numbers  This blog section is called News and it allows you to start blogging right away. But you can also choose to add a custom blog to your Shopify store if you prefer that. We’ll discuss both options here. Use the default News blog on Shopify When you have an online store on Shopify, you automatically get a blog section with the name News. Just login to your Shopify admin and click on Online Store in your Sales channels section.

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