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Drive social change by being transparent with your online audience. Consumers are four to six times more likely to buy from, trust, champion, and defend companies with a strong purpose. They also want to know that the brands they support are having a real impact. Purpose-driven brands need to be transparent with their audience through their marketing efforts in order to prove that they are truly driving social change. In other words, this means reporting on the impact your brand has made on the cause you are supporting. Many brands do this by capturing and collecting data to communicate the impact it has made over a certain period of time.

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Tom’s Website Screenshot As a marketer, take this as an opportunity to create original content by reporting on the impact that you and your customers have made together. For example, the TOMS Stories website displays first-hand how their customers’ purchases are creating change and making an impact. You can read up on the cause behind their Unity Norway Phone Number List Collection, which is dedicated to equality and inclusion. You can also read up on how they are also taking a stand on ending gun violence. TOMS’ content marketing strategy is what makes up its strong narrative as a purpose-driven brand. This is significant because it can help build stronger brand trust and loyalty in the long run.

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Always realign your purpose-driven digital marketing efforts back to your brand. Keep in mind that purpose-driven marketing is a two-way street. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Not only do your marketing DW Leads efforts impact your customers, but it also defines your business as a whole. Adidas and Parley blue and white running shoes on sand Take a look at the Adidas and Parley product line, for example. Adidas’ purpose-driven marketing efforts for this collaboration are centered around the ocean plastic epidemic.

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