Design Thinking a Global Vision

The design thinking or design thinking methodology. It is a problem-solving technique applicable to any field that requires a creative approach. It currently receives wide attention in business schools and social innovation centers, as can be seen in the sources. Included in DW Leads the references at the end of this article. Although the name may cause confusion. It is not so much a question of “design” but rather of adopting some of the creative dynamics that are used. In this discipline: an invitation to think like designers. The methodology allows teamwork to develop. Innovations in an open and collaborative manner. It seeks to stimulate cooperation and creativity by breaking. With preconceived ideas in order to generate innovative options to address problems or improve situations.

The Centrality of People in the Design Thinking Methodology

In this sense, it connects with the idea ofto unlearn ( unlearning ), an increasingly pressing effort in. Our society that requires distancing ourselves from the already assumed models to analyze them. Disassemble them when necessary and rebuild them in new ways. The centrality cell phone numbers in ontario canada of people in the design. Thinking methodology design thinking puts people at the center, not so much with the vision of market. Research but with the gaze of an ethnographer, who observes and participates in the community he investigates. Among the benefits that he presents, he highlights empathy with the users for whom solutions are. Designed, flexibility and cost, as well as the possibility of mobilizing and committing efforts around a shared vision.

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Design Thinking in 5 Phases

Among the risks and inconveniences, it is worth pointing out the danger of focusing too much on the needs of a specific user, generating a solution that only satisfies one person or a small group (this depends on the recipients of the project), as well as the need to assign tasks and manage time in order to bring the process to fruition. Design thinking focuses its efforts, as we will see below, on empathizing with users, generating creative ideas and continuously confronting them with the user through the prototype as an instrument for learning, thinking and reference for the evaluation of solutions. It is conceived as an iterative process in progressive approach to a better solution.

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