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We hope this article has helped you create a WhatsApp link to Instagram and add this direct service channel to your audience directly from your business profile. If you’re starting a business and want to learn more about using Instagram to boost your sales, check out our full article on how to sell on Instagram.TikTok is a social network that is already consolidated in Brazil. In the world, the application has more than 1 billion users and here in the country the number is 74 million active users.“Finish” Adjust the sticker with the link and share.

The Story on your profile See how easy it is

Now all you have to do is start using this feature to direct your audience to customer service via WhatsApp. Even if you’ve never used the app, you’ve probably Bahrain Phone Number List already consumed content from the network, because the videos produced for. One of the main advantages of using the social network is the possibility of earning money, guaranteeing an extra income with videos. Knowing this, many people try to become influencers using the app to monetize their content. To help you stay on top of things, we’ve gathered all.

The information you need to learn how to monetize

Bahrain Phone Number List

Check out tips below to produce your content. In addition, Generate many views and earn money using your smartphone. Come on? What are the DW Leads monetization rules on TikTok? With a large number of users, TikTok is a fundamental social network in business strategies that want to position themselves in the digital market. Content products can advertise sponsored products through their content, but the app itself has monetization features. To earn money using this tool, you must be aligned with the platform and respect its rules: User must be over 18 years old. The monetization model must be available in your country. Corporate accounts are not eligible. You need an active account and have published in the last 30 days.

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