Digital Advertising: a Market That Has More Than Doubled in 5 Years…

Sri and udecam publish the 28th e- pub observatory. Produced by oliver wyman. This study [2] , initiated by the sri in 2009, analyzes the evolution. And distribution of digital advertising turnover in france. Digital advertising continues to grow in france in h1 2022. Digital advertising grew by DW Leads +19% , in line with forecasts made in february 2022 by oliver wyman. The market represents a turnover of €4.3 billion in this first half and most of the levers are on the rise. Search grew by +20% and represented 43% (€1,850 million) of the market. It is benefiting from the surge in.

Digital Advertising Continues to Grow in France

Retail search, which is growing by +38%, and now accounts for 14% of search; social is experiencing the strongest growth. +27%. Its weight is stable, at 28% (€1,217 million). This growth+ is largely driven+ by. Video and the breakthrough of tiktok; the display follows the Cambodia phone number progression of the market: + 21%. Its share. Amounts to 19% (€815 million) of the total; affiliation, emailing and co+mparators [3] , posted -4% overall. After resisting the crisis well due to their performance logic. They represent 10% of the market (€415 million). It should be noted that, since 2021 under the impetus of post-covid digitization, the market has experienced. A marked acceleration.

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Google, Meta and Amazon Still Share the Market

Thus, the market has more than doubled since 2017 and, since 2013, it has posted. An average annual growth of 13%. Le display all types of players [4] benefited from the growth of display. In h1 2022:+ publishing & info : this category shows an increase of +13% and represents 36% of display. (€295 million); video & music streaming : very dynamic, experiencing growth of +30% and representing 34% of display (€278 million); retail & services : growing in line with the market, +19% with a display share of 16% (€128m); radio & tv : this group recorded the strongest growth +29% and represented 14% of display (€118 million).

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