Digital Life Vs Analog Life Are We Happier Now or Is There Too Much Technology?

No one doubts that our lives have changed thanks. To technology, but in reality, are we happier people in this digital life? Or were we before without being. So “connected”? Is there too much technology nowadays? It seems that technology makes our lives easier. But DW Leads personally i think that the authenticity of things, of conversations, of communication is lost… Too much technology? Some interesting facts 65% of the population regularly connects to the internet via mobile. Dedicating almost two hours a day to it , our attachment to mobile devices is such that there. Are people who even recognize using it in the toilet (which shows that our ability to communicate has no brake).

Are We Really Happier Being Connected in This Digital Life?

Medicine has baptized these habits of our era, as ” nomophobia ” the pathology of those who experience. Real anxiety crises when they find out that they have forgotten their mobile at home. The mobile is our totem. Around which we dance every day, at different times. It is no Costa rica phone numbers longer necessary to memorize anything. Neither telephone numbers nor addresses, thanks to our mobile devices we have learned not to think. Since they make your life more comfortable by giving us the solution to everything. Facebook and the digitization of relationships so far it seems that our current digital life is all advantages, although the paradox comes when we become more and more isolated people to communicate.

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Facebook and the Digitization of Relationships

Entertaining ourselves with a multitude of varieties such as the great social network facebook . The great social network that knows everything and at the same time creates in people the need to continually hang up their lives in an indiscriminate way. The digitization of feelings, of friendships, of purchases of everything in general has become a marketing that facebook has been able to make profitable. Inesem business school social media management course (university degree with 5 ects credits) more information the platform has decided that we have a more visible life, it has put up the perfect showcase to make our lives a story in which to show everything, that’s everything… Thousands of us see songs, relationships, marriages, etc.

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