Discount Marketing: Why Do We Buy?

The fact of hearing the marketing word “rebates” already. Arouses some attention from consumers. Yes, those certain dates during the year are crucial for any type of business in which they manage to DW Leads collect a large part of their income. Markdowns. As we know them today, came with the proliferation and expansion of department stores . Those responsible for these. Were the first to realize the great effect that selling their products at a lower price for a very limited. Period of time could have on sales. It did not matter to sell certain products at really low prices if it served to. Get consumers to buy many other products that, most likely, they did not even need. In fact, in spain it is estimated.

The Tricks of Discount Marketing Companies

That modern sales came as a result of the great competition between two department stores. El corte inglés and the now defunct galerias preciados. Since then, the sales already have dates marked on. The German phone number calendar and, although many establishments have tried to carry out reduced price strategies on other. Dates of the year (such as the well-known days without vat, black friday or cyber ​​monday), they have. Not reached eliminate the attractiveness of winter sales and summer sales as dates indicated in the purchase plans of any family. The sales: a ritual although at present the regulations have already tried to eliminate the seasonality of the sales (the regulation already allows playing with price and discount strategies.

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The Power of Neuromarketing

Without limiting specific dates), the truth is that the marketing of sales continues to move consumers and companies . Stores are impatiently waiting for the start date to kick off and consumers are also anxiously awaiting its arrival, not because of the fact of obtaining the products at a lower price, but because it has become a ritual or tradition for they. Going shopping during sales in the “usual” periods has become a tradition, a consumption ritual : consumers enjoy the sensation of going on sales; they know that the products are going to be cheaper and this compensates them for having to endure the queues and the inconveniences that can be generated.

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