Do we underestimate the power of digital tools

On July 28 and 29, Peruvians throughout the national territory celebrate our 198th anniversary. The companies were not oblivious to this celebration, and for this reason, many of them carried out various activities to join the celebration of National Holidays. At this juncture, two important cinema chains, Cinemark and Cineplanet, sought to join in the euphoria of the Holidays. One of them would not spend a “good National Holidays”. But, is it possible to learn a lesson from what happened? Do we really know the power of social networks.

Understand the real power of digital tools

Are we “handling” them properly? Properly know the tool to use According to CoobisNew (nd) ” marketing on Facebook is by no means a novelty” there is a lot of work and planning behind the management of fan pages. It is essential to take care of the details and whoever is behind it must be willing to take on both small and huge challenges, since they have in their hands the possibility of contributing to the success or Finland Phone Number List failure of a brand. It is true that digital tools allow us some freedom. But there are borders that should not be crossed. No matter how nice they may seem to us. Perhaps Cinemark did not understand it that way. Since it occurred to him that the best way to become “Original. And funny” was to deform a national symbol, precisely on national holidays.

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We underestimate the power of digital tools case to analyze. Our shield was vilely deformed because instead of the vicuña. A representative animal of our fauna; “Rex” appeared. The dinosaur from the “Toy story” tape. The cinchona tree, which represents the flora of our country, was displaced by “Groot”, a character from “Guardians of the DW Leads Galaxy, and, finally, they thought that it was better than the cornucopia spilling gold coins to be replaced by a bucket with little girl As expected, criticism began to flood the networks for this “infamous” impersonation and contempt for our national symbols, even worse on such a special date and with so much feeling.

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