Does Coca Cola Sell Happiness? Not Anymore! New Strategies for Coca Cola

Coca cola’s marketing strategy is always a benchmark for other organizations. In fact, they set the trend, both in the visual aspect, as well as. In the planning and strategy regarding the commercial treatment of their products, so that, every time coca cola. Takes a step, the rest of the organizations observe every detail in a millimetric way, they try to find the reasons. For DW Leads their change and, many of these, try to extrapolate their movements. It is a common idea that. Coca cola sells happiness. Is it still so? In a recently published interview with its global marketing director. And vice president, marcos de quinto, the company executive explained the reasons that have led the.

Neuromarketing Strategies for Coca Cola

Brand to stop using one of its flagships in recent years in its advertising messages. , the association. Of the coca cola brand with “happiness” . Marcos de quinto justifies this shift due to the loss Indian email list of prominence. That the flavor factor has had in coca cola advertising, to the detriment of other messages more focused on “self-help”. In fact, in his own words, he states that if you see any of the brand’s ads in recent years. “it makes you want to run to a bookstore and buy a self-help book” or, in short, “the ads speak a lot of the brand. But they hide the product”. Instead, following marcos de quinto’s own words, the new strategy seeks that.

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The Response of Consumers to These Changes

When you see an advertisement for this drink, “you run out and buy a coca cola.” for this reason, one of the visual guidelines in the marketing strategy is going to be to give prominence to images of people consuming this drink . Neuromarketing strategies for coca cola another aspect that seems to support this drastic decision is the influence of the new marketing methodologies that are beginning to be imposed on all kinds of business strategies, such as neuromarketing . And it is that, one of the maxims of this type of marketing, such as the statement that it is better to observe the customer than to ask him, is also supported by the person responsible for the change in strategy of this beverage brand.

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