Dossier: How to Launch Your First Blog?

Mobile web browsing has been greatly improved. Thanks to the democratization of smartphones. Despite this, the structure of a website is not necessarily adapted to mobile. Offering a mobile version of DW Leads your site/blog is therefore recommended. If you have a wordpress blog, know that it is very easy to adapt it to mobile thanks to the wptouch plugin. Follow the leader… wptouch is a wordpress plugin that will allow you to offer your visitors a mobile-friendly browsing experience. There are two versions: free and pro. The pro version will give you a greater degree. Of personalization and will also allow you to integrate your advertisements adsense mobile.

Facilitate Navigation Via a Personalized Menu

Mobpartner… reread our article on this subject: monetizing a mobile site. The different solutions. This is the version that we used for webmarketing & co’m. So it will serve as a reference for the Uk number list rest of this article. Web marketing training download the wptouch pro plugin… to do this, simply go to the bravenewcode publisher’s site and download the application . The pro version costs $49 and allows you to customize your mobile site as you see fit. You can also start by downloading the free version to familiarize yourself with the plugin. Customize your mobile site… here are some tips for using the plugin properly and personalizing your mobile site.

Uk number list

Monetize Your Site Via Adsense for Mobiles

Configure the appearance of your mobile site wptouch pro offers the possibility to create your own theme adapted to mobiles. However, if like me you don’t have the technical skills to create a theme . On this same page, select the fonts to be used for the different parts of the site, the background and remember to check the box “show thumbnails” which allows you to display the wordpress featured images in miniature on each of the articles. If you also want the latter to appear at the top of the article, go to “active theme menu, articles and pages” then check “show attached image in article content”. On this page, an option will also allow you to display the extract of the article as an introduction on the homepage.

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