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See linking sites In other words our competitor kindly prepared a prospect list for us. KURZNOTIZ In the two steps and we will delve deeper into competitor PPC advertising. . Find competitors’ PPC keywords Analyzing competitor PPC activity can be incredibly insightful when it comes to planning an SEO strategy for one simple reason If you’re paying for traffic from a keyword, then that keyword is most likely profitable. To find our competitors’ PPC keywords, we use the PPC Keywords report in Ahrefs Site Explorer . Site Explorer enter competitor domain Paid Search PPC keywords venngage ppc keywords It looks like Venngage is bidding on a lot of infographic-related terms. Which brings me to another point By looking at competitors.

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PPC data one can find low-volume, high-converting Bahamas Phone Number keywords that are easy to skip when doing keyword research . For example, a keyword like “make an infographic online” searches month will likely have a much higher conversion rate than something like “free infographic creator” searches month . If the conversion rate for the searches month keyword is and the conversion rate for the searches month keyword is , which keyword do you think would make the most sense to rank for? I’m sure you’ve already done the math. This low volume keyword will bring in more money. So, following that logic, I’ll add five PPC keywords to my spreadsheet for each competitor. But I will consciously choose keywords that I think are likely to convert well.

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Ppc keywords DISCLAIMER . View this idea with some skepticism. Just because a competitor spends money on PPC doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they’re doing. It pays to PPC test all keywords yourself before making any effort to rank for them. Learn from competitor PPC ads Looking at competitors’ PPC ad copy can help in writing DW Leads title tags and descriptions that increase CTR. That’s because competitors pay hard cash to attract customers with specific keywords. And Google rewards more relevant ads with a lower CPC. So it’s in their interest that their ads get the click Let’s use the PPC Keywords report again to scan our competitors’ ad copy for a keyword we want to rank for infographic maker Site Explorer enter competitor domain Paid Search.


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