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Visme blog easy top pages I will add five relevant pages that match the requirement to my spreadsheet plus their traffic. top pages BY THE WAY. If you’re curious about the individual keywords these top pages are ranked by, click the marker in the keyword column. . Find the most linked content from competitors. Links mean referrals, buzz, and often more organic search traffic as a result . So we know we need to build links, but where do we start? We find out what works for our competitors. The Best by Links report in Ahrefs Site Explorer shows the top linked content from competitors. If it worked for them, then something similar will likely work for us too. Site Explorer Enter Competitor Blog Subfolder Subdomain.

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Organic Search Best by Links best by Azerbaijan Phone Number links venngage BY THE WAY. If you’re doing this for a competitor whose blog posts are n’t nested under a subdomainhen use their domain instead. You just have to be a little more vigilant as you browse the report. From here, I add the URLs of each competitor’s top five pages to my spreadsheet, the number of referring domains on each page, and the type of the content. most linked content Now we can see at a glance what types of content are performing best for each competitor and in general. For example, of Venngage’s top linked page articles are listicles. It’s similar for Visme . BY THE WAY. Not every niche is the same. You may find that a different type of content is more popular in your niche.

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So it’s probably worth focusing our efforts on creating this type of content if we want to build links. On the other hand, gaps can also present opportunities. For example, Canva has many links to text-heavy content. Such content could be simplified as DW Leads an infographic and potentially attract even more links. We could also use the so-called “skyscraper” technique to build links Create similar but even better content. Show it to anyone who has links to our competitors’ now worse content. Ask them to exchange the link in favor of your quality content. If you’re wondering how we can find out who is linking to our competitors’ content, all we have to do is click on the number under the ‘RD’ column and we will see all the websites that link to this page.


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