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Switch Google AdWords only for the cities or regions where your potential customers are. Create useful content specifically geared towards residents of these areas — eg, “ Do you live in Seattle? This is how you can save money and reduce your heating bills in winter” . Google Trends also lets you compare how interest in certain search terms differs in different places. To my shame, I only discovered this feature a few days ago. To do that, click “More” on the right side of any of the search boxes and set the relevant filters compare interest in regions In the screenshot below you can see a perfect example of the “Popularity Principle” in Google Trends Popularity vs search volume example The search volume for “Star Wars” is obviously much larger in the US than in the UK.

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But the graphs are almost identical. That  means  Star Wars is equally popular in both countries. star wars search volumes TIP USE THIS TACTIC TO UNCOVER LOCAL SEO OPPORTUNITIES. Imagine you are an accountant from Florida. How do you China Phone Number know where your services are most needed? That’s easy. Search for “accountant” in Google Trends, filter by state, then select “interest by metropolitan area”. accountant florida interest by metro You can also see “Interest by Cities” for a more granular view. Now that you know where your services are most needed, you can prioritize this data for your local SEO efforts. For example, you might choose to target landing pages for residents of Miami or Gainesville. You could even use this data to make expansion plans for your business—it’s so valuable.

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Refine your video SEO strategy by analyzing WHAT people search on YouTube YouTube is owned by Google, but that doesn’t mean popularity is evenly distributed between the two search engines. It is not so. To illustrate, here is the Google Trends data DW Leads for “HTML Tutorial” since . html tutorial web search google trends You can see quite clearly that the popularity of this term has been steadily declining. But here is the trend history for YouTube. Yes, Google Trends lets you filter YouTube trends—just select “YouTube Search” from the drop down menu youtube html tutorial google trends Interestingly, we find the opposite here—it’s growing in popularity on YouTube. It seems that people are increasingly turning to YouTube to consume their HTML tutorials.


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