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This design can be risky, so be careful and don’t go overboard when designing an asymmetrical theme. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčasymmetrical design is not to be chaotic, but interactive, dynamic and colorful. Ecwid using asymmetrical Ghost Mannequin Effect layouts Source: The design above is funny, bold and grabs people’s attention. Even Ghost Mannequin Effect though it’s asymmetrical, it’s not chaotic, it’s easy to navigate, and you can see all relevant information. 6. Minimalist and flat design is, Adidas uses 3D modeling to show that the products in its collection are made from recycled materials. 5. Outshine your competitors with asymmetrical layouts symmetrical layouts are also a great trendy solution if you want to stand out from your competitors and grab users’ attention.


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We’ve featured more vibrant, bold, and colorful eCommerce designs. However, the Ghost Mannequin Effect minimalist (flat) design is still preferred by online stores. Minimalist and flat website by Shop Bazaar Source: Ghost Mannequin Effect Shop Bazaar The great thing about flat design is that it’s clean and simple. The main focus of these designs is usability and easy navigation. This makes it one of the best options for e-commerce sites. The most important thing about e-commerce sites is to provide a great user experience.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

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Just a few clicks. And the flat design has shown to work pretty well for the client’s needs. 7. Typography, large fonts and massive text In the past, fonts and Ghost Mannequin Effect typography were not an important part of web design. This is changing now because new trends are emerging. Sometimes fonts and text can speak louder than photos or videos. This is the philosophy behind large letters and massive text. Typography and massive text by dimension volumes Source: Dimension Volumes As you can see from the example above, the design is quite simple. It’s not colorful but looks bold. The big letters are quite impressive and definitely catch people’s attention.

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