Effects of a Bad Product Naming

All companies and brands have a name; in fact. The name is what allows us to identify a specific product and associate it with the company and the values ​​it transmits. The act of putting a name (in other words, product naming ) may seem like a simple task, but in practice. Making a good DW Leads name requires more effort than it initially seems. Examples of poor product naming. There are not a few examples that we can find of bad naming of products or services. Without having to. Carry out a very exhaustive search, we can find examples such as: mitsubishi pajero: it was a worldwide launch. And, initially, the mitsubishi pajero name was maintained for all countries, including spain.

How to Establish a Product Naming That Works

As expected, in spain they had to change the name to mitsubishi montero due to the easy association. Of the original name with concepts that have nothing to do with the brand. Mazda laputa: although. It was not marketed in spain, it was in the united states, a country with a large Nigerian phone numbers community of spanish-speakers. But mazda not only screwed up the naming; their slogans were such as “laputa maintains approximately. The same price level” or “laputa has a body designed to withstand frontal impacts” . It is true that the slogans were in english, but for spanish-speakers in the us it was an easy joke.

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Examples of Poor Product Naming

Nissan moco: its name was due to the tiny size of the vehicle’s engine and, as expected, it was not marketed in spain. Chilly gel: chilly means fresh in english, hence its name. However, in spanish the name of chilly is associated with the spicy species , an inappropriate concept to associate it with an intimate gel. However, in this case the naming has not been changed in spain nor is there any intention to do so. Canaryseed drink: this is a new vegetable drink to replace milk. As the name itself indicates, it is a drink made with birdseed . Although it is good for cholesterol and intestinal transit and has very little fat, the name has not been the best choice: as soon as we see the name.

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