Emma Wu: Hunting head is not a simple sales, but a process of delivery

In April this year, Emma was officially promoted to Page Group Guangzhou Office Deputy Director, in charge marketing sales. Human resources real estate Recruitment business in Guang zhou。Be fore that, she had accumulated in Page Group for nearly 7 years Recruitment work experience, Leading a team of nearly ten people to the extent of customer conditions and market conditions in their field。

It is these three-point empathy, plus a three-point result-oriented, and three-point full investment, which makes Emma all the way。She said, “Being a hunter, you must make recruitment extremely。”

Accurate judgment, hit the hunting circle directly

Unlike those consultants who accidentally hit the headhunting industry, Emma’s foot in the headhunting circle is based entirely on prudent and precise choices after a comprehensive assessment of his personality, ability and enthusiasm。As a result, this trait used by her in major life decisions long before she dabbled in the headhunting industry。

Emma had business consulting in Image Manipulation Service the retail industry and had researchers in consumer goods research institutions, but they all did it for a short time. Then Emma found that she not suitable for such a warm boiled frog job. She needed to see clear goals And KPI, do more results-oriented work to release their enthusiasm and motivation, and strive to run faster than their peers on the career track。

Results-oriented, change life

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This result-oriented thinking has also applied to future work by Emma。When she encounters a problem, she thinks more about how to achieve the desired result, not the complaint process。When facing job seekers, she will enthusiastically advise on their career development, help them clarify their original intentions, and use DW Leads their own successful cases to counsel job seekers。When facing customers, she actively seek solutions. Even in the face of rejection and failure, she will pay more attention to how to do better next time, rather than the current failure experience。

Emma recalls that the challenge when he first hunted for headhunters was how to build a strong beam of communication between job seekers and businesses to bridge the gap between the two sides。”Businesses always want to recruit the best talents at low pay, and salary is always the first consideration for most job seekers. This huge gap requires the headhunter to mediate。”

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