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It is important to constantly monitor your competitors because businesses are constantly changing. You can’t do a competitive analysis once and then be done. You need to evolve with your competitors. 2. Confirmation Bias is Real Confirmation bias is when you jump to a conclusion based on your assumptions. You cannot just depend on what you think you know of your competitors; let the data give you more concise answers instead of jumping to conclusions that can cost you. Be aware of your initial assumptions and test them. 3. Data Without Action is Useless Always act on the data that you have gathered.

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Make a strategic plan and execute it using the findings and marketing tactics that you have discovered while doing your research. 4. Working Harder Instead of Smarter It is easy to gather competitor information, which means you do not need to overcomplicate things for yourself. Make investments into tools that speed up the whole process and provide you with Morocco Phone Number List the important insights you need to make informed decisions in your business. Or leverage the services of a company like WSI, which has a competitor analysis service for businesses like yours and can create the competitor analysis report for you.

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Starting Without a Direction If you do not have a clear objective of why you are doing the competitive analysis, then you will make the process much harder and filled with much more work than is needed. Define your goal and be sure about what you want to learn from your competitor before you do your research. 6. Not Accounting for Market Timing Rather than researching DW Leads the company’s approach at a single fixed point, focus on how the company has grown and progressed over time. Information on how your competitors have grown over time can be more meaningful than just knowing what their approach was in the early days of the business.

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