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Each of them has very different screen sizes, which means it’s difficult to optimize your website perfectly for everyone. To illustrate, here’s a section with the free keyword research tools post on desktoeyword research tools excerpt deskd on a mobile device mobile excerpt While the text is fully legible, some of the numbers on the screenshot are pretty hard to read on a small screen size. This does not result in an optimal user experience. But here’s the thing I know that most people reading this document are doing so on the desktop. As? I checked Google Keyword Planner. To do this, add a keyword to your plan and go to the Plan Overview . Check out the Devices section , namely the Impressions bar. Hovering over it will show you what percentage of the impressions are from each device category.

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Impressions device You can see that for the New Zealand Phone Number List keyword “free keyword research tools” of the impressions come from computing devices with large screens. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to prioritize the desktop user experience above all others. For some keywords it will be the other way around. Take “best restaurants near me” for example. best restaurants near me device . of all impressions come from mobile devices. That makes sense. People googling this are most likely just looking for a good place to eat lunch dinner while they’re out. CONCLUSION Google Keyword Planner is clearly a powerful tool. I recommend incorporating it into your keyword research workflow. It’s packed with valuable insights that you can’t get from other keyword research tools .

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But it has its limitations as the lack of accurate search volume is an issue. Luckily, this can be solved with other keyword research tools like Ahrefs Keywords Explorer . Such tools combine data from Google Keyword Planner with clickstream data to DW Leads generate accurate search volume estimates and more. accurate metrics keywords explorer Some keyword metrics from Ahrefs Keywords Explorer Try Ahrefs Keywords Explorer for days here . Or check out our complete guide on how to do keyword research. You can find them here . Translated by , SEO agency from Stuttgart with over years of experience Actionable SEO Techniques for More Organic Traffic Joshua Hardwick Updated March , Deutsch Avatar Joshua Hardwick Head of Content.


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