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SEOs Don’t Know Here’s what happened when I asked my Facebook friends for their top Google Keyword Planner hacks and tips shaurya keyword planner Translation I’ll give you my secret tip don’t use GKP. I know it sounds so simple, but it works great bibi keyword planner Translation I haven’t used this in years So I dug deeper to understand why that is. bibi keyword planner translation because they stopped giving exact results — and I figured out how to get them back A good point. But Google Keyword Planner offers a lot more than search volume. Here are hacks to help you get the most out of things, starting with the one you’ve all been waiting fUnlock EXACT search volumes Google’s reluctance to show exact search volumes is one of the most frustrating things about Keyword Planner.

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That’s why many SEOs no longer use India Phone Number List the tool at all. For example, if you look at these two keywords — both have a search volume range of K- K search volume range However, if we look at these two in Ahrefs Keywords Explorer , we can see the relationship between the two search volumes in much more detail. keywords real search volumes Here are two ways to get exact number free. Method Look at estimated impressions for max CPC Start by adding some keywords to your plan. To do this, manually enter a list of keywords into the “Get search volumes and metrics” tool. Alternatively, you can review some keywords in the Keyword Ideas view to add them to your plan. Make sure you select the exact match option when prompted.

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Add to plan Returns to the Keywords view . You should see a box at the top that looks something like this keywords metrics box Press the dropdown and make sure the max CPC is set as high as possible. To do this, simply click on the right-hand side of the graphic max cpc Now pay attention to the “ Impressions ” column. This tells you how many impressions DW Leads your ad would get over the next month if you ran it for those specific keywords. impressions google keyword planner Since you set the max CPC so high, these impressions should be pretty close to the actual monthly search volume for that keyword. Let’s see how good the numbers are in Ahrefs Keywords Explorer . ahrefs keywords explorer check Not that far away.


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