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Analysis of traffic distribution by country Knowing which countries our competitors get the majority of their organic traffic from can help us understand where the opportunity lies in this niche. We use Ahrefs Site Explorer for this . Site Explorer Add Competitor Domain Overview Organic Search Tab canva top organic traffic countries Let’s add the top five countries with their traffic values ​​to our table. I will then do the same for our other competitors. Here’s what we end up with traffic breakdown by country Seems like in the US most of the traffic potential is in this niche as this is where our competitors get of their traffic on average. There are also some opportunities in other English speaking countries such as the UK and Canada.

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Now we know that we should prioritize Albania Phone Number List creating content for people in these countries, as we see the majority of search needs here. That does not surprise me. However, the fact that there is traffic potential in Latin America and Asia made me suspicious.maybe it would make sense to translate our hypothetical landing pages into Spanish, Indian and possibly Indonesian? We could even start a multilingual blog to maximize traffic from those countries. That’s what we did here at Ahref’s – we have a Spanish blog and a Chinese blog . ahrefs spanish blog ahrefs blog chinese Many of our landing pages are also available in multiple languages. ahrefs landing page spanish PER TIP Just looking at organic traffic metrics can be misleading as they are not always representative of traffic value.

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For example Visme gets about the same amount of search volume from the UK and Mexico. traffic visme mexico uk But if we look at the traffic value for DW Leads Mexico vs. UKtraffic value uk traffic value visme mexico we see UK traffic is worth + more So it probably makes more sense that we prioritize traffic growth from the UK. Learn more about how we calculate traffic value. . Spy on competitors’ organic keywords. Next, let’s find out which keywords are currently driving organic traffic to our competitors’ pages? We can do that with the Organic Keywords report for each domain. Site Explorer Insert Competitor Domain Organic Search Organic Keywords visme organic keywords ahrefs Above we see that is currently ranking for , keywords in the US.

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