Ethics Need Not Be Mutually Exclusive

Their Crude Awakening campaign aimed to protect the world’s coastlines against oil spills. With the help of the company and its strong base of supporters. Three laws were passed to impose stricter rules on offshore oil drillers. Australia Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Die Marketing agency McCann. Melbourne created an innovative campaign for Melbourne’s rail network. Aim at the thousands of commuters who use the trains on a daily basis. The cleverly designed campaign, which spanned all media outlets and used sharp but tasteful humor. To make train commuters more conscious of their own safety.

Business goals with greater aims

The messaging was intended to cut through the traditional safety announcements. Which the public regarded as boring and had come to ignore. The result of the campaign was a 30% decrease in near-miss accidents over a year. Uber and MADD – Get Home Safe In July 2017, in the midst of the July 4th celebrations, Uber partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). The rideshare company offered a discount code that, when redeemed, triggered a donation to MADD. Uber thus showed itself Pakistan Phone Number List as a supporter of an important social cause and presented itself as a purpose-driven company. Ripple Foods – Our Progress, Your Impact In 2018, Ripple Foods introduced a milk alternative made of pea protein to the market.

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Serve all of their stakeholders

Instead of targeting vegetarian and vegan customers, it decided to market the product to established milk drinkers, creating a series of communications that showed how they could help the environment by changing from dairy to the pea protein alternative. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Friends vs. COVID19 In March 2020, seven tech giants DW Leads came together to demonstrate their shared commitment to supporting the fight against COVID-19 and fighting misinformation about the disease. Consumers are Demanding More From Brands In an age of uncertainty and massive change and upheaval, consumers expected brands to put up or shut up.

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