Everything else has to do with obscurity

At worst and willful blindness at best. Memory ensures the relevance of the past and our positioning in time. Memory thus becomes our temporal and existential consciousness. The mechanism of memory expresses our temperament and is determined by it. Others draw from the past images of joy and others images of pain without anyone being sure that these are only facts and not reflections of the joy and pain that everyone carries within.

The charm of its unlimited possibilities

The attempt to capture it within the pages Banner Design of a diary or a photo album is nothing more than the spasmodic and arbitrary collection of tiny moments which cut off from the trunk of life lose the significance they had in its flow to acquire that which he attributes our need to them. Photographs cease to depict past time. Their photographic time is the present as a starting point and cause of memory. True or false. Memory may ensure the consciousness of the present but the latter would be lifeless without the presence of oblivion which frees us from the burden of the unceasing presence of the past.

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Their photographic time is the present

The ability of man to choose between memory DW Leads oblivion or even their distortion constitutes an element of his freedom and is a basic right that shields him defensively against time. It seems however that science which succumbs more and more often to the charm of its unlimited possibilities has come once again to deprive us of a freedom and to condemn us to live under a permanently lit searchlight which will illuminate the shadows of our past. A news item in the tabloids recently informed us of the construction of a microchip which will be able to accompany us for life and record everything we learn and everything we do so that we can have at every moment a faithful picture of our past life.

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