How You Win a Featured Snippet

Before you know it, you’re in Q4 staring down at a 50% decrease in sales for the year. So what really happened? Once you realized there was a problem, you eventually discovered that a new competitor opened up shop around the same time you started taking a hit. The new guys used aggressive marketing tactics, offered a great customer experience, and set their prices just slightly lower than yours. Huh – no wonder you lost so many clients. All the information was there for you to see, but you weren’t looking for it because – you guessed it – you were “drinking your own Kool-Aid.

Index on Your Website

It’s difficult to balance pragmatism with the confidence and courage that it takes to run a successful business, but that’s how you know it’s the right thing to do! Step Outside the Box with your Digital Macedonia Phone Number List Marketing Remaining self-aware of your company’s position amongst the competition is a good preventative measure, but what do you do if you’ve already fallen behind? It’s reasonable to assume that any company that is after your customers has done their research, so it’ll take some digital savvy to gain back your turf. One of the best ways to even things up with your competitors is to eliminate any advantages they have over you.

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Crawlers Can Crawl

In the world of inbound marketing, every backlink a company has to its website represents a small edge over other brands in the industry that don’t have the same backlink. Mo’s Link Exchange tool does a great job at uncovering sites within your niche that are linking to two of your stronger competitors but not to you. The ‘Link Intersect Tool’ is effective DW Leads in two ways, and we’ll briefly run through both of them. For the first method, think of two heavyweights in your industry and plug their URLs into the tool. We’re using Moss and our partners over at HubSpot. These brands produce exceptional digital marketing resources, which is one of the primary goals.

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