Find Blog Post Ideas with These 2 Powerful Techniques

Are you responsible for the content marketing strategy. Of your company or a client? Do you doubt the roi of the articles you want to write? Or more simply, you start from a blank page for the creation of DW Leads your blog, and you don’t know where to start? Facebook groups. Related google searches, people also asked… there are many ways to find article topics for your blog. Training to create your training organization here, let’s dwell on 2 techniques that use data analysis to. Generate tons of blog post ideas with maximum seo potential . All without too much effort! The content gap. Finding article ideas based on competitor data for this 1st process, you will need to use an seo analysis tool. Such as ahrefs or semrush.

Informational Intent: the Filter for Editorial Content

Through the content gap feature (also called keyword gap). It is possible to discover the articles that work for your competitors, and the keywords that you must “attack” in priority to create attractive content! In this article, we will be using semrush . Since it is a paid tool. You can simply Korea phone number format subscribe to the 7-day free trial version. This time will be more than enough to allow you to generate. A lot of blog post ideas. Once this is done, go to the “keyword possibilities” tab. Keyword possibilities. In semrush: to find article ideas you arrive on a page where you must enter the url of your website.

Korea phone number format

Other Ways to Find Even More Relevant Ideas with the Content Gap

And those of your competitors (the tool allows you to perform an analysis of 5 domains simultaneously). In the first field, enter the address of your site, then that of your competitors in the following fields. Then, be sure to select france as the geographical area, then launch the search. To illustrate this process, i took the example of e-commerce sites for musical instruments keyword possibilities (content gap): up to 5 domains analyzed at the same time nb: if you have any doubt about the identity of your competitors, semrush will automatically suggest some to you when you have entered the url of your site in the 1st field. The “missing” keywords: your priority list on the page that is displayed next, 3 blocks stand out.

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