Finding Time to Blog Is Possible! 7 Techniques to Be Effective

If you are a fan of inbound marketing or seo. You know that content creation and blogging are business drivers. ! Yes, but here it is, creating quality content. That will interest your audience takes time. I can DW Leads already hear you saying “i don’t have time to blog, blah blah blah…”! I’m sure you have good reasons, but let me share with you these 7 techniques to. Finally find time to blog! 1: know your target and its expectations i don’t know what your blog is about. But the first step to being effective is to know your target audience and their expectations. Avoid having a blog.

Make a File of Topic Ideas

That is too general, determine a niche and focus on its expectations! Training to create your training organization. Before you even start writing, if you’ve never done so, take the time to put your different targets in black and white. : age, sex, place of residence, interests, job… The list of phone numbers in usa more targets you have well identified. The more you are able to have an easy dialogue with this target and therefore quickly know. Which subjects to broach and how. Likewise, if you haven’t yet taken the time to draw up an editorial charter, consider laying the groundwork in order to know how to communicate with this target.

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Schedule Time Slots to Write and Not Get Distracted

Have an active watch in your field of activity even if your target is very specific, you should not be the only blog / site to want to communicate with them. Subscribe to as many sites as possible in the theme to study the subjects that work with your “competitors” in order to find new ideas for subjects. So there, be careful, do not copy the subjects, take inspiration from them and develop your own approach. For the day before, forget the newsletters, i advise you to take an rss reader (feedly for example) and to subscribe to as many rss as possible.

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