Focus on Using the Corporate Blog as a Marketing Tool

The corporate blog as a marketing tool. This is an idea that we have heard everywhere in recent years and although it is gaining in popularity. It is visibly slow to be accepted by companies. Because most of them DW Leads still do not have a blog… training to create. Your training organization the benefits of a business blog are many, but the ones that usually catch the eye are. More traffic and leads; be seen as an expert in your industry; more interactions with your visitors, prospects. And customers. Who doesn’t want all that? However, most companies do not have a blog and. Therefore do not benefit from it… probably because they are not 100% convinced. Let’s take a closer look.

How Does This Create More Interactions with Visitors?

How will blogging increase your site traffic? If a blog allows you to increase the traffic of your site, it is above. All because it allows you to develop your visibility in 2 important places: 1 – on google a good blogging strategy. Involves writing articles that target specific keywords how to get a hong kong phone number relevant to your business. Increase your. Seo traffic on your business blog the more you publish, the more keywords you target, and the more each. Of your articles is likely to benefit from visibility on google and therefore become a new entry point on. Your site through which an internet user can discover you. Unlike your product pages which often target. More competitive keywords (and are therefore difficult to rank on google), with blog posts you can strategically.

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But I Do Not Have Time

Choose the targeted keywords and receive traffic from google more easily. . Not to mention that you can. Target an almost unlimited number of keywords and thus grow your traffic continuously. 2 – on social. Networks have you ever thought about being present on social networks? Or maybe you tried it, but soon realized that it’s not always easy to find something to share? Drive social media traffic to your business blog you should know that having a blog opens the doors to social networks . Simply by sharing articles from your corporate blog in facebook, linkedin or google+ groups, for example, you will be able to generate visitors to your site.

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