Fonts become decorative elements and

The reason is called pilaf. Through this lightness serious issues are also touched upon. The lightness of the approach compensates for the weight of the subject and both serve the seriousness of the aim But there is also an audience that would like ads to stand out aesthetically from articles for texts to be more important than text captions for the format to respond to the nature of the topics for titles not to be aimed at catching hurried readers for the light to remain honorably light the serious should not be afraid to appear serious dealing with people should not be gossip interviews should be of substantial content and not occasions for articles magazines should not be addressed to

The pampered and spoiled child

The reader may sometimes be tempted not Photo Restoration to immediately throw away the issue but to keep it for a while in his library. Such an audience exists and I believe it will not despise. The publisher who has the courage to renounce light serious confusion. The pampered and spoiled child of our time is information. A word clothed in priestly garb. A word that cannot be disputed and that everyone promises to respect and serve. They even combine it with the formation of free citizens with independent judgment and opinion.

Photo Restoration

The mediation of the messenger editor

This very polyphony often diametrically opposed on many subjects convinced the reader that there is no information after all since no newspaper would have the courage to simply describe the facts. Or again that facts do not exist since the mediation of the messenger editor often influences them to the point of falsification. Or still that the reporting of certain facts and the silence of others constitutes incomplete information. We thus had a reader certainly not informed but at least sometimes suspicious.

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