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In other words if you want more backlinks, start replicating your competitor’s links. Links arise for a variety of reasons. And this process has certain nuances. So for now, let’s keep things simple and discuss two easy ways to steal competitor links, starting with fixing their broken links. The process here is simple Do the same as Tactic , but this time for a competing website. Site Explorer add a competitor domain Best by Links add a not found filter backlinko best by links If we do this for a competitor of Ahrefs blog, Backlinko , it looks like the first site on the list was a site about avoiding Google penalties, but it no longer exists. We are fortunate to already have a guide on the subject. happy So we could turn to these twenty-nine sites that link to.

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Backlinko’s broken guide and suggest that Ecuador Phone Number List they swap out the broken link for our working one. If we didn’t already have similar content to do this with, we could always create one. Suggested reading A simple but complete guide to link building with broken links The second method of replicating competitor links is even simpler Search the backlinks report in Site Explorer for competitor guest posts. Site Explorer insert competitor domain add dofollow filter search for author in referring page url backlinks author search Look for backlinks where the referring URL is something like author blogger-name , as those are usually author profiles. author profile site explorer Write to the site owner and offer them a guest post.

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It is likely that they will agree, since you already know the following They accept guest posts They have already accepted at least one contribution from a company similar to yours. Suggested reading actionable ways to plunder your competitor’s DW Leads backlinks. ACTION TIP Find your competitors’ guest posts and write for the same sites. Find competitor’s broken pages with backlinks, then cash those links for yourself. Show your content to “potential linkers” Look at the backlinks pointing to any website and you will often see similarities. For example, let’s look at the backlinks to our keyword research guide . Site Explorer Paste URL Backlinks content marketing guides links BY THE WAY. Make sure you’re using URL mode in Site Explorer.


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