From science and technology Xiaobai to millions of consultants, they proved that choice is as important as effort

Advantages and selling points。In the rivers and lakes of the Internet, a small company, driven by capital, can become a unicorn in just a few years by talent。This is also a core element that can quickly become a million consultant in the field of science and technology。It’s easy to say, but it also requires us to devote a lot of time to this work, and persistence and effort are essential。Standing on the shoulders of the giant PageGroup, as long as you work hard enough, the platform itself can help you become more professional, then your development in the headhunting industry will be smoother and smoother, and you will also gain a huge sense of accomplishment。It is not difficult to become a million consultant。

Since joining Page Group, what do you think of Page Group and other headhunting companies?

Koyo Jiang:When I made the year-end summary last year, I was still thinking about the most correct decision to make in 2020 is to choose to join the PageGroup Internet Technology Team。When it comes to differences, compared to Photo Background Removing my former company and other hunting companies, I think there are a few very intuitive feelings:

  • Clear rules–After joining, each consultant will have a very clear area of responsibility, or by region or by industry function, to ensure that you have full leadership and judgment in your own field。As a “little boss”, we need to find a balance between short-term benefits and long-term development, which is a very test。
  • Transparency in rewards and punishments, fair promotion –-It’s a pleasure that I reached the first 1 million in PageGroup in the fourth month of joining, and also welcomed my first promotion in PageGroup. On the first day of joining, my boss set clear goals with me And plan details。

The technology industry is changing rapidly. How does the market change affect you? How did you respond?

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The recruitment characteristics of customers in the field of science and technology are actually very obvious: the recruitment volume is large, the time efficiency requirements are high, and the field special。Our team not only adapts to customer needs in a timely manner, but also keeps up with the pace of iterative upgrading in DW Leads the field of technical hotspots。Therefore, in the recruitment of consultants in the field of science and technology, we will pay special attention to the efficiency of individual execution, logical understanding, ability to adapt to change, and enthusiasm and interest in new technologies。

To become an excellent headhunter consultant, you need to constantly step out of your comfort circle at all stages。I spent one year promoting from assistant consultant to senior consultant, and three years of promotion to manager。Each stage has new challenges to overcome, like climbing mountains, and each stage has new goals。

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