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For now I’ll include some growth-related stats for each competitor in my spreadsheet. backlink growth . Finding Superfans Superfans are those who have linked to our competitors multiple times. These are people that it can make sense for us to build relationships with because they tend to regularly link to sites they like. To find these people, we can check the Referring Domains report in Ahrefs Site Explorer . Site Explorer Referring Domains add a dofollow filter sort by links to target dofollow canva referring domains Let’s start by searching the list for industry blogs. Here’s one for Canva that stands out ladybossblogger canva If we click the marker we can see that this website links multiple times from many blog posts. ladybossblogger links.

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A look at the site tells us that this is a Afghanistan Phone Number List single author blog by a woman name Elaine. She’s definitely someone we want to build a relationship with and introduce our product to. Let’s find five superfans for each of our competitors and add them to our table. superfans . Find broken pages Ever heard that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure? It’s the same on the web. So now we’re going to check our competitor’s websites for a specific type of junk broken pages. To do that, we’ll use the Best by Links report in Ahrefs Site Explorer . Site Explorer insert competitor domain best by links add a not found filter sort by the Referring Domains column high to low best by links BY THE WAY.I’m looking for content on a subdomain here, so I only see broken information pages.

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Blog posts infographics etc. If we can find broken pages on our competitors’ websites that have backlinks and are also relevant to our business, then maybe DW Leads we can use these pages Finding out what content the broken page had Publish similar content but better Find all linking to the broken page use the backlinks report in Site Explorer Asking to replace the broken link in favor of our content Learn how to implement this strategy with our link building with broken links guide . Since the focus of this guide is on competitive analysis and not link building, we’ll simply add all relevant broken pages from our five competitors to the table. broken pages KURZNOTIZ The following steps , , and focus on organic traffic.


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