Generating Traffic on Your Blog: 7 Mistakes to Absolutely Avoid

You want to drive more traffic to your blog, right? You would like to know how to attract visitors to your blog. Because with traffic you could build your email list. Sell your solutions and live from your blog, right? Starting your first blog is exciting. Unfortunately, 95% of bloggers abandon their blog… training to create your training organization in your opinion, why? No idea ? Quite simply, because they have no comments, no shares and no DW Leads visitors. They fail to drive traffic to their blog. As time goes on, these bloggers feel frustrated and unable to overcome this obstacle. So they give up. However, blogs are there and attract traffic. So there is no doubt that you too can attract traffic.

Posting Every Day, Relentlessly

The only difference with successful bloggers is that they make mistakes, learn from their mistakes, and adjust. If you clicked on this article, you made a good decision. Because today, you will save list of ceo emails a lot of time. To be precise, you will win 1 year of trouble. (experience with my previous blog). You will be able to learn the 7 worst mistakes i made. The lessons i learned from them and especially how to apply them to your own blog. Are you ready to learn? Mistake 1: posting every day, relentlessly blogging-relentlessly you opened your blog. Determined your editorial schedule, and started publishing a new article every day. You think the more you post, the more your traffic should increase.

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What You Need to Do

Unfortunately nothing changes, your analytics curve remains flat. It makes no sense to keep posting more and more content . Unless, of course, you already have a sizeable following, an established blog, and an army of writers. This is worth it, because you have the ability to better position yourself in search engines. The problem that appears if we refer to this technique is time. When you start your blog, chances are you don’t have a team of writers. It is even very likely that you have another activity on the side. You yourself are probably an employee, business manager or student. When you get home in the evening, you have to prepare food, do the dishes, take a shower, take care of your children.

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