Getting Started in Blogging in 2022

What are the reasons for getting into blogging today? How to stand out when our blog is recent in the face of the behemoths of the blogosphere and other influential bloggers? An eye on the blogosphere DW Leads this time focuses on young shoots of the blogosphere. Charley rabec, damien paques and thoma daneau, bloggers on yangiz, plugged in² and better knowing 2.0. Respectively, were kind enough to share their experiences… yangiz-plugged-in2-know-bettertraining to create. Your training organization yangiz damien easter thoma daneauyangiz: blog offering to follow web. High-tech and marketing news launched in may 2009 and maintained by charley rabec. Plugged in. Advertising and web 2.0 oriented blog aimed at communication enthusiasts launched in february 2009.

Hello to You Three, to Start, Can You Introduce

Run by damien paques recently joined by other editors. And finally: better know 2.0, a collaborative blog launched. In april 2009 by students from the university of sherbrooke as part of their e-commerce course (represented for this interview by thoma daneau)… all three of opportunity seekers list them are young shoots from the blogosphere. What are the reasons that can motivate the launch of a blog, how to get started in blogging in 2009 and get. Out of the game, this is what we will try to understand via these 3 interviews… Hello to you three, to start. Can you introduce yourselves and your respective blogs? Charlie: i am charley rabec, a 21-year-old student. In marketing in montpellier. I created 2 months ago yangiz.

opportunity seekers list

What Made You Want to Start Blogging

My blog on high-tech, web 2.0 and marketing. I arrived on the web at a very young age, at 10 years old. Everything i learned about computers and the internet, i learned it by myself, through my research, my curiosity and the interest i have for new technologies. In recent years, this passion has given me the chance to participate in several web projects for high school, university or even for my own account since i created my e-commerce business in january 2009. Creating a marketing blog therefore turned out to be a natural step in the course of my self-learning. Damien : hi sylvain, and hello to all webmarketing & co’m readers.

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