Global Distribution Systems (Gds)

Although the gds (global distribution system) are. Well known in the world of tourism, surely there are many people and tourism professionals. Who are still not clear about the function of these systems and the advantages that their implementation brings. Us in our DW Leads hotel businesses. . In this article, we will be able to see what gdss are and how they work and. We will see the benefits of implementing them even in times where direct booking is increasingly present. What are the gds and how do they work? The gds or global distribution system, is a network of computerized systems. That is, a connected network of reservation information that is used above all by airlines and travel agencies.

What Are the Most Important Gds?

The goal is to have real-time information on airline ticket reservations, hotel room reservations. Car rentals, and also train, bus, cruise or even insurance reservations. Therefore, the way gds works is the interconnection of information in real time, this information is offered email list of realtors through servers where. Tourism professionals connect to offer their clients the best prices and rates for service. In addition, this network gives us information on all the services, prices and dates of all the operators that are connected. Thus becoming an essential tool for tourism businesses such as travel agencies.

email list of realtors

What Advantages Do the Gds Provide?

Thus, when a hotel works. With a gds, the hotel can offer its rooms to all the agents that are connected to that gds, in addition, they will see the availability of rooms they have, the different rates or the available dates. Inesem business school master in hotel and restaurant management + 5 ects credits more information therefore, for hotel companies, working with a gds increases their visibility in the tourism market very significantly, since it will reach a large number of travel agencies around the world and, therefore, a large market will be opened. And even new market segments where the hotel business might not be present. We could conclude that.

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