Google Analytics Guide: 13 Basic Google Analytics Metrics

Nowadays, a company that does not have measurable. Objectives is totally destined to fail. Why? How can we correct our mistakes if we don’t know where we are going wrong? It is in this context that the DW Leads google analytics tool appears, which you have surely. Heard of thousands of times. This tool is an essential part of any company that has a presence in the digital channel. With a web page , whether informative or transactional. So so that you can start taking your first steps in google analytics. We present a guide in which you will learn the basic metrics of google analytics. These will help you solve important questions such as, who visits my profile? How can i create my target audience?

How Does the User Access My Website?

How does the user access my website? Among other. So if you really want to get the most out of your website, you can’t stop reading this article. How to configure my account in google analytics? Before knowing what the basic google analytics metrics are, we will briefly explain how to enter the. Google analytics code. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated a task as it seems. First of all, note that this configuration is the one used for wordpress , and to Russia phone number carry it out we can do it in two different ways. Manually. This is the most comfortable option, for this inesem recommends that you use the monsterinsights plugin.

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What Types of Goals Can I Measure in Google Analytics?

Once installed you just have to access from your google account. If you prefer to use plugins when creating your website, keep one thing in mind, try to use as few as possible. I have created an article that talks about the most important plugins for a web page. I recommend you take a look at it. Who visits my website? One of the main basic metrics of google analytics is about visits. But we must bear in mind that a high number of visits is not a direct indicator of success. Although it is true that from this data we can extract the information that will allow us to know the result of our marketing strategy. So… what should i know about visits? 1.unique visitors.

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