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Find your lead goals (revenue objective) by calculating the average sales price of your product and the average lead-close rate. Find out your buyer’s persona by researching and studying the buyer’s behavior. Match your business to the buyer’s journey. Try content mapping strategies and offers to attract prospects. Use conversion paths such as a download offer landing page, a conversion form, a thank you page, etc. Make use of marketing channels and paid marketing. Use data reporting and monitoring tools to gain insights into the progress of your marketing campaigns. How to Make it Easier for Your Local Customers to Find You Online If you want to reach loyal customers and increase buyers, you need an excellent online presence.

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Reaching local customers, in particular, is essential as more people are using “near me” to search for products and services. Tailoring your online marketing to attract local customers helps your business create trust in your products and increases foot traffic and site leads. Alison Lindemann, one of our top WSI Consultants, hosted a webinar to assist Israel Phone Number List businesses in finding local customers online. Here are some tips she provided: Businesses should make their websites mobile-friendly to reach the increasing number of customers who prefer mobile over desktop. A business address should be included on contact pages or website footers.

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The use of local SEO strategies and Google Business Profile platforms can increase local traffic. Businesses can engage with local leads by posting local content (e.g. blog posts). The use of business citations can help boost a business’s local search ranking. A business should optimize its website content for voice searches to reach customers who prefer voice-activated DW Leads search options. A Google Guaranteed certification can increase a business’s reputation. In Summary If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s the value of re-invention. That’s why assessing and recognizing if your business needs a digital transformation to attract new leads is essential.

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