Google Snippet Update and New Security Feature

On january 23, google made a big announcement on twitter: web pages listed as a snippet will no longer repeat on the first page of organic search results . This caused an uproar from the seo industry, with many site owners fearing significant traffic losses due to the change. And what impact will this have on your website ranking in seobility? Keep reading to learn more. Google featured snippet update what is the snippet update about? Google’s recent change to search engine results pages (serps) affects featured snippets, which are search results that give a direct answer to a search query without users having to click on one. Search results.

Google Pulls Featured Snippets Content From Websites

It deems to have the best answer to a query and displays it above organic search results. The featured snippet is commonly referred to as “Position zero. Featured snippet example screenshot of  before google’s latest change. The featured Bulgaria Phone Number List snippet webpage also had an organic listing on page. 1. Mostly in positions 1-5. However, on january 23, google announced on twitter that webpages listed as featured snippet. Will no longer appear on page 1 of organic search results : if a web page listing is elevated to featured snippet position. We no longer repeat it in the first page of results. This declutters the results and helps users locate relevant information more easily.

Featured Snippets Are Among the Ten Web Page Listings We Show

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As this appears to be a massive backlash for featured web pages, many site owners are wondering why google made this change. According to the official announcement, google wants to deduplicate search results to improve user experience . Users shouldn’t see the same url multiple times on the serps, but instead have more diverse search results to choose from. This should help them find the information they are looking for more easily. (fyi, this change doesn’t affect snippets and other serp features like top stories or cool finds.)seobility tool update as a result of google’s snippet change, you may have seen web pages dropping in your ranking monitoring dashboard, which previously held the top positions

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