Google Web Stories: What They Are and What Benefits They Bring

Following in the footsteps of social networks like instagram. Google has decided to launch and implement the successful story format with google web stories. It’s been a little over 10 years since snapchat DW Leads allowed you to publish short stories that disappeared after publication. And today the format has proliferated with great success. The adoption and acceptance. Of this content by the public has been massive, providing numerous advantages and benefits for both. The user and the content creator . Knowing how to create these stories and how you can benefit from them. Can be essential for your website. What are google web stories stories (commonly referred to as stories.

Advantages of Google Web Stories

Are a full-screen content format on mobile with a limited duration, typically 24 hours. Its origin comes from snapchat. Until it was later adopted by social networks such as instagram , facebook and whatsapp. Especially noteworthy is the resounding success they have on instagram , where hundreds of millions. Of users consume this type of content on a daily basis. Google buy real estate agent email list web stories build on amp web stories. Which have been in beta for a few years. These stories allow you to include both video and photo, audio and text, as well as being able to link to other content or places. Ephemeral and fast-consuming content is a real trend that is taking hold with a lot of prominence in social networks and google.

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Tips for Creating a Web Story

Which is no stranger to this reality, wants to ride the wave of an increasingly established content creation trend. Taking advantage of this format to obtain different advantages will be very positive for our company and/or website. Advantages of google web stories the advantages and benefits that the implementation of google web stories can entail are diverse: it can help the positioning in google if we make a correct seo implementation . This includes taking into account all the metadata, such as title, description,, etc., or adopting an appropriate linking strategy, among many other variables. Also, all google web stories must be canonical.

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