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These ads aim to reach the maximum number of people interested in a particular business’ products and services. In Conclusion What other lead generation tactics can you employ to grow your business? Book a discussion with a WSI Digital Marketing Consultant today. This will be the seventh year in a row we have written this post. So at this point, it’s become a tradition. Our WSI family looks forward to it, and we hope all of you out there—our readers. Partners and clients—look forward to it, too. We hope everybody who comes across this post as we close out 2021 is doing well.

One of These Search

It’s been a tough two years, but we must emerge from the pandemic stronger for having gone through the collective experience. We sincerely wish you and your families a joyous and healthy holiday season. If you’re brand France Phone Number List new to the WSI blog, we publish a set of digital marketing predictions every December. As mentioned, we’ve been doing this since 2014 (check out our posts. Here’s the grading legend we created for the original post way back in 2014: Oracle when we’re so right, it’s like we channeled that lovely lady.

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Crawlers Can Crawl

The Matrix Oracle In-Training we didn’t quite see the whole picture, but hey, we still saw the future Clear As Mud  we weren’t right, but we weren’t wrong, either Just A Bit Outside we tried to paint the corner of the plate, but the ump didn’t give us the call Swing And A Miss  like a batter who expects fastball and gets a curve, we weren’t close As always, before DW Leads we jump into the predictions, we grade ourselves on last year’s batch. Here’s what we predicted would happen in 2021: Sales Will Continue to Skew Further Toward eCommerce Grade: We said we felt a bit sheepish making this prediction—and we still kind of do—but we’ll start off with a win and award ourselves the full two points.

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