Have a Blog Instead of Being Present on Social Networks

Are you starting a new business and have you. Already worked on your marketing strategy? Very well. But you are still wondering about the means to. Adopt that will have a certain effect on your business: you are still dithering between blogging and social media. Let me tell you DW Leads this: you are not the only one… Web marketing training thousands of entrepreneurs. Like you experience this dilemma every day. Nevertheless, from you to them, today is your lucky day. Because you will have the answer to the question over the course of this article. With the emergence of social. Media, it is sometimes tempting to want to register on all available platforms, especially when starting.

Your Blog Belongs to You

A business. And when you start your digital journey, the big question is whether to have a blog or. On the contrary, to be displayed on social networks. Speaking of the blog, you must have heard event planner email list some rumors. Saying that it is no longer as efficient, that there is too much competition, and that the new eldorado. Currently is social networks. It’s normal for you to be embarrassed. It must be admitted: being influenced. When you do not have the right information becomes an easy game. This is also the dark side of the internet. However, i will tell you the truth: starting your business blog will definitely be one of the best things.

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Your Audience Is Yours

You will do for your business. Why ? Instead, take a look at these stats from hubspot , the world leader in marketing automation solutions: a business that has an active blog receives on average 67% more leads than a business that does not blog; a business that blogs regularly is 13 times more likely to have a positive roi; 70% of consumers discover a company through its content rather than its advertising. In view of these enlightening figures, no need to have a bac + 17 to understand all the advantages that the blog provides. Companies that use it see an increase in their turnover, but there is more.

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