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It is worth adding a script yourself or adjusting YouTube’s Thailand Phone Number automated caption yourself. You can do this in YouTube Studio. The modified scripts ensure that YouTube understands your video better and includes this in the ranking. Tip #7. Create an attractive thumbnail A thumbnail says more than 1000 words. The thumbnail is the first thing a searcher’s brain scans, because Thailand Phone Number visual utterances are absorbed faster than textual utterances. So create a thumbnail that stands out! Within YouTube you can choose to use an excerpt from your video as a thumbnail or to add a thumbnail of your own.

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I recommend doing the latter, because an automated Thailand Phone Number thumbnail is just a random shot from the video. To stand out, you need to use a unique, eye-catching thumbnail that encourages people to click. Dylan Haegens, for example, uses striking thumbnails. Don’t have Thailand Phone Number the skills to make a thumbnail yourself? Then you can use professional templates in Canva . Tip #8. Backlinks met YouTube If you are familiar with backlinking, then you know how important backlinks are to your blog or website. Also with YouTube this is essential and can be an SEO boost for your video. Build links to your YouTube channel and then not just to your videos, but also to your channel home page.

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To increase the number of backlinks you can take the Thailand Phone Number following steps: place the video on your website as much as possible adding a video to your blog or on other websites that fit your video You don’t have to be an experienced SEO consultant, because these tips can go a long way in getting the most out of your videos. It is important that you continue to optimize. Try to find Thailand Phone Number your own YouTube SEO structure in it. Good luck! Want to improve your findability in Google? [training] Want to know which signals search engines pick up and use when ranking search results? Discover your opportunities and take advantage of them during the Search Engine Marketing (SEO) training.

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